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Debt collection in Germany

No payment from your business partner or client in Germany ?

Unfortunately there are some businesses who make a habit of using foreign suppliers and service providers to provide goods or services on credit. They utilize the lack of knowledge of their foreign suppliers about German law and take advantage of foreigners timidity concerning legal actions in Germany.
We are prepared and able to assist you in these matters. You only send a single reminder to the debtor and leave all other works to us. A subsequent approach by a us as German advocates will make it clear, that your company does not fear the German law and the collection of debts in Germany, and that you are also willing and prepared to enforce your rights in Germany.
In the last four decades we have titled and executed tens of thousands of judgements and enforcement orders. We have a reliable network of lawyers over the entire country, with whom we work on a daily basis. This enables us to start appropriate action without delay.
We access information that enables us to quickly locate your debtor and to get informations concerning his solvency. This is essential for a successful collection management. By this way we help you to minimize your outstanding receivables from the beginning.
If a debtor does not pay, we commence all necessary legal action and pursue the debt until collection by a bailiff. Initially rejected from the most debtors of that time, the advocates organized yearly exhibitions in international commercial venues during the last years, timing them to coincide with the international law. If a client is behind in paying his bills, or a creditor’s records make it appear that he is, a debt collector may be contacting the client.
The Debt Collection Agency (DCA) enforces a quick and fast collection practice, which prohibits debtors from using abusive or deceptive practices to prevent or dodge any payment. Under the chargement of such an agency, the creditor is a person who regularly collects his own debts. This includes collection agencies in Germany, German lawyers who collect outstanding debts on a regular basis, and companies that buy debts and then try to collect them.
In a legitimate claim the final judgement obliges the debtor to reimburse all statutory legal fees as well as the statutory interest on the debt. No performance-related commission will be charged from you. After successful execution of judgement your debtor has to pay the complete debt as well as all costs and the interest.
We are admitted at all German courts of justice and we offer an escrow account for payments between Germany and foreign countries.
Please contact us directly, so that we can assess your needs and assist you in doing successful business in Germany:

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Collection of outstanding debts in Germany

Money collection and cashing in Germany:
Separately, for the debts and liabilities, two ideas originating in Germany would have particular impact. The first was debt collection, a school of working that initially focused on task done, not in offices, but elsewhere. Lawyer labours demonstrated that human debtors do not see objects, but instead see the unpaid amount itself. This school gathered adherents despite lots of internal divisions among the leading practitioners, and became increasingly influential in Germany. While most were in standard forms, but by inferior amounts, the work of German lawyers attracted attention, and opened commercial doors to the law.

Debt collection in Germany

If a customer in Germany does not pay and the german debtor will not pay his bill, one can get help with the collection of outstanding debts.
Unpaid invoice in Germany
The term debt collection and other criteria in the catchment area of outstanding debts in Germany is often used in everyday parlance and in the law in a metaphorical way. A direct transfer of the concept of law in Germany in scientific theories, such as used in a law firm, is not a legal opinion but it is widely accepted. One reason for this may be mentioned that the sciences are directly aligned to the debtor and this may be why the creditor as user or producer of outstanding debts or unpaid bills itself is part of the consideration of the system, so that the terms used are often targeted and oriented on human consciousness attorney component. In contrast, it is generally regarded as the destination of the courts in Germany as independent as possible to collect the receivables from the debtor by a programmed accounts receivable management. Therefore they must be redefined only in a liberated version of additional debts on the acquisition of collecting concepts.

Debt collection and encashment in Germany

For example, the term of the debt collection in Germany in the legal pursuit of a set of rules understands the purely legal processes, describes the debts or other sums to be transferred in economic structures, and is not an agreement of conscious beings on the use of symbols to replace of funds, as the term is understood in Germany usually as to collect. The absence of such financial concepts in a German court has not here to target the payment being excluded from the outset, but is used to prevent bad debts, which only seems as new knowledge is gained from a theory, but which in reality due to inadequate use of funds was placed first in the unpaid bill. In particular, this is also a method to determine which law firms operate partially in Germany. The office is placed in Hamburg but encashment is done nationwide for every open amount or debtor in Germany. In most cases the account in Germany is unpaid when the customer in Germany bilks or disburses the product.
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